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Vetri Educational Trust

Founded by Dr.Ishari.K. Ganesh

Our founder, chairman Dr.Ishari K.Ganesh is a visionary driven by absolute commitment and willpower to offer the best education system for the student community. His idea of an education system is one that constantly evolves to bring out the best in every student.

He began the Vels’ Educational Trust in the year 1992 with 36 students. In 2017, VELS Group of Institutions celebrated 25 years of Excellence in Education with 25 institutions and 25,000 students.

Kindle Kids is yet another milestone in his journey as an educationist. It is also the best preschool for your kids to jump-start their journey as a student.


Founder Chairman- VISTAS
Chairman – Vels Group of Institutions

VELS International Pre School – Kindle Kids, seeks to create an inspiring and enriching educational environment for each and every child. The school is committed towards helping children to socialize, build self-confidence, develop and establish preliminary skills to explore and experience the world independently.

The indigenous preschool curriculum has been built after studying the preschool systems and syllabi around the world. After careful consideration and research by academic experts for about 15 years, Vels have launched the KINDLE KIDS.

Our Aim is to create an inspiring, and high quality educational support for every child The curriculum focuses on the concept of the “Whole Child” where every aspect of the curriculum aims to nourish the children’s 3H’s- Head, Heart and Hands, as we develop Cognitive, Social, Emotional and Physical skills through varied experiences.

At VELS International Preschool, we deploy a methodical approach to foster independent thinking, self- expression and individuality by way of guided interactions with peers and teachers. Entire efforts go to focus on Human Excellence which seemingly fits, into any format of higher education.



New learners should be articulate, autonomous but collaborative. They Should:

  • Possess high cognitive control and learning skills
  • Be able to gain educational experiences that engage opportunities and challenges
  • Have the Support of various people and materials linked to their well being
  • Remain critically focused on learning with a global mind
  • Respect the culture and structures of the place where the school is


  • Developing human Excellence, Competence, Consciousness, Compassion, Commitment and Internalizing Culture
  • Loyalty to home, to school, to society, to the country, to realize oneness
  • Developing environmental consciousness and aesthetics for appreciating learning / dance / art
  • Developing national pride, leadership, good academic / sport achievements leading to national prosperity


  • Sharing the wisdom, experience and heritage of yesteryears
  • Empowering learners to see the world as per our vision for a new purpose and a new mission
  • Catching beautiful glimpses of the most sublime things of life to experience the meaning of existence
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